Supercritical CO2 Extraction
Full Spectrum Hemp Crude Oil and Hemp Distillate

Partner in Confidence with CBD Farm Solutions, LLC for all your Hemp Biomass Drying, CO2 Extraction and Post Processing Needs.

Industrial Scale Hemp Processing and Tolling Services

  • Biomass Drying
  • Biomass Shredding, Milling and Grinding
  • Biomass Sub & Super Critical CO2 Extraction
  • Biomass Extract Post Processing
  • Bulk Purchasing


CBD Farm Solutions LLC employs a number of large capacity, industrial scale stripping, shredding, grinding, milling and drying equipment to process your high value wet and dried Hemp biomass. Our proven food grade grinding size reduction milling machinery is uniquely qualified and can be customized to pre-condition dried hemp biomass to an exact sieve size for extraction.


CBD Farm Solutions LLC utilizes proven sub and supercritical CO2 extraction equipment; high in quality, powerful in processing with large capacity columns to deliver effectively and efficiently a high quality hemp extract. Co-solvent extraction is an available option, and, a number of validated step gradient processes can be incorporated.


CBD Farm Solutions LLC offers a number of industrial scale, food grade quality and high throughput post processing services including but not limited to winterization, homogenization, filtration with a number of filter media options, evaporation and distillation using wiped film technology.